HOUSTON (AP) — The Latest on the race for president ahead of Super Tuesday, the biggest single-day delegate haul of the nomination contests (all times local):

09:39 a.m.

Hillary Clinton is claiming new momentum on the eve of a South Carolina Democratic primary that she's expected to win handily.

Clinton told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" in an interview Friday that she thinks it takes her "a little bit longer to get into the rhythm of campaigning" but that her campaign hit its stride in Nevada.

She said, "our message of breaking all barriers is really beginning to take hold. I really felt we were on an upward trajectory."


07:51 a.m.

Marco Rubio is waging a fresh verbal assault against Donald Trump the day after he and Republican rival Ted Cruz tag-teamed the Republican front-runner on the debate stage.

The Florida senator repeatedly called the billionaire business "a con artist" during a round of Friday morning television interviews. Rubio also questioned Trump's business background, attacked his preparedness to lead the nation, and charged that Trump has been "sticking it to the little guy" for decades.

Rubio told CBS' "This Morning": "A con artist is about to take over the Republican Party and the conservative movement, and we have to put a stop to it."

At the same time, Rubio allies prepared to spend millions on Trump attack ads in key states.

The multi-faceted takedown effort comes four days before Super Tuesday.


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