The 18th annual Crystal Heart Gala in Fort Worth had some startling and harrowing moments Monday night.  During the annual Huguley Memorial Medical Center's benefit event at the Renaissance Worthington hotel, country star Randy Travis collapsed on stage while singing his song Three Wooden Crosses.

Travis stopped singing at one point and apologized to the audience saying his vocal chords were giving out on him. He tried to start singing again, but stopped, stumbled and fell forward onto the stage.

After two doctors rushed to his aid, Travis managed to get to his feet and leave the stage, which brought the gala to an abrupt end.

A statement from the two doctors says Travis was "struggling with laryngitis due to chronic allergies ...  and was overcome by a combination of dehydration, over-the-counter allergy medications, and caffeine use. This, combined with the heat of the stage lights, caused him to pass out.”

Travis's tour manager says Travis is doing fine.  "He is all right ... resting comfortably at home" and his tour will continue as scheduled.

via Randy Travis collapsed at gala in Fort Worth.

Travis's next scheduled performance is Saturday in Bristol, Tennessee.  He'll be back in Texas next month to perform at the State Fair of Texas.