The hosts of the popular Discovery Channel cable TV show "Myth-Busters" have some explaining to do.  One of their stunts went very awry, to say the least.

They fired a cannonball at a set of targets, but it missed and went on to hit two houses and a car in a neighborhood on the other side of a nearby hill.

The cast iron cannonball was fired from a cannon at a police bomb disposal site outside Oakland California, but it went off target.

The ball went over the hill behind the target, hit one house and went completely through it.  It kept going across a busy street and hit the roof of a second house, and finally came to rest inside a parked minivan.

Amazingly enough, no one was hurt.

The show's hosts say the stunt was set up to fire a cannonball through several barrels of water and a cinder block wall to see how far it would go.  But the cannon lifted up from its intended trajectory at the last moment.

That caused the cannonball to miss the water barrels, but it glanced off the wall and bounced over the hill into the houses and vehicle. Both homeowners say their houses have significant damage, and they're angry, but thankful  that no one was injured.

The Alameda County Sheriff's Department in Oakland operates the bomb disposal range about a half-mile west of the neighborhood. Myth-Busters frequently uses the site for its televised tests involving fire-arms and explosives.

via 'MythBusters' cannonball stunt goes awry - Houston Chronicle.

Question:  why is there a residential area less than half a mile from a bomb disposal site?  A place where police and the Myth Busters are always blowing things up?  Apparently, the residents don't mind hearing explosions at all hours of day and night.

Does their home-owners and car insurance cover damage caused by cannon fire?

The Myth-Busters crew had better brace themselves.  They've never seen a lawsuit as big as the one those homeowners will undoubtedly file.