A Houston sportswriter thinks if the NFL players union and team owners don't agree on a new contract, and it actually results in a lockout, it won't last long.  He says, as it always does, it comes down to who has enough money to survive a long lockout. 

The NFL labor dispute is about money and nothing else. It's about dividing a $7-billion pie.  The owners want a bigger slice of the pie because their financial circumstances have changed since the current deal was signed.

If there's a lockout, and owners stop paying the players, it will end when the players start missing paychecks and feeling financial pain, when those huge mortgage payments come due and their wives complain about not being able to buy that new Benz.

Then and only then will the players tell their union leaders to "git'er done."

via Let's not overthink the NFL labor dispute. When players start missing paychecks, there'll be a deal done. | SportsJustice | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle.

Fans will also be big losers if the lockout causes cancellation of the coming football season.