A Jacksonville, Florida TV station is reporting the story of an Army veteran who claims he was kicked out of an Old Navy store after he complained to the store manager about what an employee was wearing.


Aaron Bennett told TV station WJXT the employee was wearing a United States Marine Corps dress uniform, complete with rank insignia, campaign ribbons and weapons badges.

Bennett says he told the manager it's not just disrespectful, it's illegal under the federal Stolen Valor Act for civilians to impersonate military personnel by wearing uniforms and/or medals.

Bennett says that's when a law officer and mall security escorted him out, and told him he was banned from the store.

Old Navy insists Bennett was not banned, but the company's corporate headquarters has apologized for the incident, saying it was a "misunderstanding".

This story won't go away soon because it's gone viral across the Internet on Old Navy's Facebook page, and on the Stolen Valor Facebook page.  Let's just say that whatever happened, Old Navy is catching a tsunami of bad PR over it.