A Fort Worth man is in the Tarrant County jail on at least five charges after he climbed onto a forklift and led police on a chase that reached 16 mph and ended on Interstate 30.

43 year old Timothy Raines is charged with stealing the forklift from a construction site.  He's also charged with drinking while driving, aggravated assault, evading police, and, oh yes, throwing beer bottles at traffic.

Police say when Raines finally stopped and climbed off the forklift, he put it in reverse and sent it rolling back toward patrol cars.  Officers had to jump on board to stop it.

A Dallas TV station reports that two college students who followed the chase and caught it on video could also face charges, because they violated traffic laws and put themselves and the public in danger.

via Man on a forklift leads Fort Worth police on low-speed chase | AP Texas News | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle.

One of the students recorded 12 minutes of the chase with his iPhone and posted it to YouTube.  That video is funny, but the cracked up TV anchors who put it on the news are even funnier.