Don't laugh. This is serious stuff.  Researchers in Denmark have announced a theory that may not only explain why people all over the world are getting fatter and fatter, but it could also serve as a warning of serious consequences for life on Earth if pollution caused by CO2 emissions isn't reduced.

The theory states that CO2 -- carbon dioxide -- contributes to making us fat.  Oh please.


This theory emerged several years ago, in a study of obesity in people who had been followed over a number of years in a famous long running study that mapped the lifestyles of thousands of Danes.

Researchers were surprised to see that both fat and thin people in the studies over a 22-year period had all gained on weight – and the increase was proportionately the same.

The scientists hypothesized that we're getting fatter because rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere make all of us want to eat more.

To test this hypothesis, they placed six young men in special climate rooms, where some of them were exposed to increased amounts of CO2. After seven hours, the men were allowed to eat as much as they liked.

They say they observed that the men with more CO2 in their blood ate six percent more food than the men who had been in climate rooms with a normal levels of CO2.

“We could also see that the extra CO2 caused the men’s heartbeat to rise, and this gives us an indication that CO2 affects the brain’s nerve cells that control our appetite and the composition of our nutrient intake,” says Hersoug.

via New theory: CO2 makes you fat | ScienceNordic.

This is just the latest scare from the Church of Global Warming, which believes carbon dioxide emissions are not just killing all of us from outside.  They want us to believe CO2 is also killing us from the inside.  Aren't you glad you saw this?