If you're shopping this weekend, might there be some counterfeit bills floating around?

Lufkin police have been alerted that some stores in the area have noticed "dirty bills" lately, and in turn they're sending out the warning to be on the lookout for them.  If you're a business owner, be careful what bills you accept.

Lufkin Police say someone attempted to pass a $1 bill as a $100 bill recently at M&B Food Mart, at 708 North Raguet Street.  The person working there caught it and confronted the customer about it, but he ran off.

KTRE reports the counterfeiter used a washing technique where the dollar amount is scrubbed off of a low-denomination bill with solvents and then a larger denomination is printed on top.  A $5 bill is the most common to be washed, but in this case it was a $1 that was transformed into a $100 bill.

If you can help police solve the crime, you're asked to call in with information on this case or any other counterfeiting operations.  Call Crime Stoppers of Lufkin at (936) 639-TIPS or submit an anonymous tip at LufkinCrimeStoppers.com.