Like most other state-funded programs, public library summer reading programs in Angelina County and all over Texas are feeling the pinch of tighter purse strings.

It's more than a "pinch" for many summer reading programs. It could be the death blow for some.  All libraries are getting less state funding, but some are getting none, and those libraries will have find other ways to pay for them or cancel them.

Local libraries partner with the Texas State Library to present one program a week to encourage children and teenagers to read during the summer.

In Angelina County, Lufkin's Kurth Memorial Library got $3,000 less.  The TLL Temple Library in Diboll got about $1,000 less than it did last year.

The monthly newsletter from the Central Texas Library System says this year's legislative session has been “devastating” for all types of library programs and funding.

All libraries, public, school, community college, and university, are expected to be affected in 2012 and 2013, though details and actual damage cannot be assessed until the Appropriations Act is signed by the governor.

via Local public libraries continue to promote reading despite loss of funds - The Lufkin Daily News: Local & State.

TLL Temple Library Director Brenda Russell is determined to keep their summer program going. “Money is real tight right now, but we’ll make it work.  We’ll get funding from other sources.”