Just when you thought the hoopla over the movie "Bernie" had died down, brace yourself because it could start all over again.  The real "Bernie" has a new lawyer.


The Dallas Morning News reports an Austin lawyer wants to reopen the case of the Carthage funeral director who was convicted of murdering a wealthy woman and stuffing her body into her freezer.

Bernhardt "Bernie" Tiede (pron. Teedie) is doing life for killing Marjorie Nugent, and he admitted he did it. He said he was doing the world a favor. This is the plot of the recently released comedy "Bernie", which stars Jack Black as Bernie and Shirley MacLaine as Nugent.

Austin attorney Jodi Callaway Cole says the movie raised some issues she wonders about. After reading the transcripts of Tiede's trial and appeal, Cole says she wants to reopen the case and dig into issues that weren't addressed in his first appeal.