There's good news to report today about 23 year old Texas model and fashion blogger Lauren Scruggs, who was critically injured in a horrific  accident at a small airport north of Dallas back on December 3rd.

Lauren walked into a spinning airplane propeller and her injuries were brutal.  She lost her left hand and had permanent damage to her left eye.  Now, two months later, it's reported that Lauren is recovering and bouncing back, slowly, thanks to prosthetics and the love of her family.

Lauren's mother reports she was fitted with a prosthetic left eye this past weekend, and she's in the process of getting a prosthetic arm.

While Lauren's optimism is evident through her beaming tweets and upbeat LOLO magazine post, her mom says she and her family are making their way through "the 5 stages of grief."

"Hard to say where each of us [is] on a given day, in a given minute," Cheryl Scruggs explains. "At this point, somewhere between denial, anger and bargaining, I think."

Cheryl says Lauren's recovery will be a "marathon, not a sprint ... Her physical pain has subsided a great deal [but it's] now the emotional pain that is the tough one."

via Model Lauren Scruggs Fitted With Prosthetic Eye - E! Online.

E! News reporter Giuliana Rancic says Lauren's strength in the face of what happened to her has already made her "an inspiration" to many people."

We all continue to wish her well.