The family of a 70 year old Houston woman is suing Emirates Airlines, saying their mother collapsed and died on an Emirates Airlines flight from Dubai to Houston last April, and the flight crew did nothing to help her.

Carol Wilson was traveling home with her son, Shawn Carriker, who had flown to the Philippines from Afghanistan where he worked as a government contractor, to help his mom celebrate her birthday. Just before the plane landed Wilson went to use the restroom.

When Wilson did not return to her seat after an announcement was made to prepare for landing, her son went to the lavatory and found her unconscious.

The lawsuit filed in Houston federal court says no type of life support was used to assist Wilson. By the time the plane landed – and paramedics were brought on the plane, it was too late. She was dead.

via Family Claims Flight Crew Did Not Help Dying Passenger - AOL Travel News.

A spokesman for Emirates Airlines had no comment on the lawsuit. The family's lawyer says there is a lesson for air travelers in this story.