Habitat for Humanity of Polk County (HHPC) has almost finished building its second home in Corrigan, and HHPC leaders are inviting east Texas area women to help finish the house this Friday, just in time for Mothers' Day.


HHPC President Susie Gearing says much of their work in recent years has been in and around Livingston because a lot of land was donated to them for that purpose.  They have so much donated land that building homes on it could keep them all busy for the rest of their lives.

Gearing says realizing that fact made them take a step back and remember they were formed to serve ALL of Polk County. "We felt in order to keep good faith with our charter, which is to serve Polk County, that we needed to get some housing going in the north part of the county."

After starting their second Corrigan house in March, Gearing hopes to make major headway with it by hosting Women’s Build Day this Friday, May 11, two days before Mother’s Day.  With framing and roofing complete, Gearing says they hope their women volunteers can do as much of the remaining work on the house as they can.

Habitat is always looking for volunteers.