Four Amish men have been arrested in Ohio, and charged in one of four bizarre attacks on other Amish people.  Investigators believe say the men belong to a group of outcast Amish known for their extreme fundmentalist beliefs .

Amish men are required to let their beards grow after they’re married, and women must not cut their hair.

Detectives say the extremist attackers barge into homes and cut off their victims' beards and hair to shame and humiliate them.

Apparently, the attackers' motive was to punish those whose faith was not as "strong" and deep as theirs.  They believe leaving their married male victims with no facial hair and the married women with short hair leaves them open to massive shame in the Amish community.

The attackers also take the cut hair with them to prove they had carried out the assaults.  That's not unlike taking a "scalp".

The four men are charged with kidnapping and burglary, and they're held on $250,000 bond each.

This story just shows there are fundamentalist extremists in every religious faith and group.  This socalled "Bergholz Clan", so named for the town where most of them live, is so extreme that the rest of the Amish community wants nothing to do with them and shuns them.