Police in Fort Worth have arrested a suspect in the fire-bombing of the district office of Texas State Senator Wendy Davis.

A spokesman for Senator Davis says it happened just after 4 pm Tuesday, when a staff member heard a loud thud at the door and opened it to find flames burning about waist high.  That staff member grabbed a fire extinguisher and quickly put out the small fire, which charred the door.

Senator Davis wasn't in the office at the time, and no one was injured.

A maintenance worker chased a man from the building but was unable to catch him.  Police later arrested a homeless man who fit the description.

They say the man had visited Davis’ office twice in the past week, and police found empty bottles, lighter fluid and wicks in the abandoned house where he had been staying.  The man has been charged with arson.

A firebomb attack on a politician's office would certainly appear to be political, but the senator's spokesman says they have no idea what motivated this.  “We have an office that’s open to the public all the time, and so we’re always potentially vulnerable to things like this. We’re thankful that no one was injured.”

Security has been stepped up at the lawmaker's office.

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Davis -- a Democrat -- survived a bruising redistricting fight with Texas Republicans that left her District 10 intact.  She still faces a tough re-election battle with Republican State Rep. Mark Shelton of Fort Worth.