A Tennessee neurosurgeon was kicked off a Carnival Cruise Lines ship in Galveston, after a tweet from an impostor account claimed the doctor was planning a bio-terrorism attack on the ship.  Worse, even when it was clear that the doctor was innocent, he wasn't allowed back on the ship.


Dr. Jack Kruse of Nashville was on the Carnival Magic cruise ship Sunday about to leave the Port of Galveston. It was Carnival's annual "Low-Carb Cruise", and the doctor was planning to give a speech on diet and health to the passengers Monday morning.

The passengers never got to hear his lecture however, because Kruse was escorted off the ship after a crew-member found a suspicious tweet with Kruse's name that morning.

The tweet was posted under the name  "s***krusesays", and it said "security confiscated dynamite. talk won't be as explosive as one at PaleoFx. still have vial of Legionnaires for epic biohack. #lccruise12."

Security officials quickly determined the tweet was a fake from an impostor account, and the doctor was cleared of any suspicions. Despite this, the ship captain refused to allow Kruse to re-board the ship before it left Galveston.

This is just unbelievable.  With his actions, the captain was saying, in effect, that he doesn't care that the doctor didn't do anything wrong, he doesn't want him on the ship.

It's a safe bet that Carnival Cruise Lines will be hearing from Dr. Kruse's lawyers, if they haven't already.  Stay tuned.  We haven't heard the last of this.