One day after he learned he had been fired, Tiger Woods' longtime caddy is speaking publicly with his feelings about his former employer.  Let's just say Steve Williams is not happy.

Caddy Steve Williams says he lost all respect for Tiger Woods when details of Woods' repeat adulteries became public.  Even so, Williams maintained his silence as Woods apologized to the public 18 months ago.  But he broke that silence this week.

Williams says he's stood by Woods and supported him through thick and thin for more than 13 years, but "Now he decides things aren't going well for him, and I'm down the road, so the timing's very disappointing."

Woods missed the US Open and British Open due to left knee and Achilles injuries sustained at the Masters. It's not clear when he will return to action, though he is slated for an appearance at a charity event next month.

via After parting ways with Tiger, former caddie Steve Williams says he "lost respect" for golfer when his repeat adultery emerged -

Wouldn't you know that Williams is planning to write a book with more details of about his "life with Tiger"?  Coming soon to a pro shop near you.

Good caddies are always in demand and they don't stay unemployed for very long.  Williams says he will become the full time caddy for Australian Adam Scott, whose bag he carried at the US Open.