This morning at 11, funeral services for Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth were held, and in communities and schools throughout Texas, ceremonies honoring the memory of the slain officer were held.   

In many of these gatherings, a theme of supporting our law enforcement was also added and celebrated. The Sheriff's Department in Nacogdoches organized an event at the Nacogdoches Civic Center which included the playing of Taps and a moment of silence.

In Lufkin, a gathering was held at the Bronough Park behind City Hall.  Chief of Police Gerald Williamson spoke to the large crowd as did Mayor Bob Brown, area pastors, as well as the wife of Chief Williamson who offered a wife's perspective of having a husband who serves in law enforcement.

On a personal note, it was refreshing and wonderful to hear every last speaker talk about prayer and how a deeper re-connect with Jesus on a personal and societal level was needed if our country.  To paraphrase Chief Williamson, this is greatest country in the history of the world, but only prayer and trusting in God will allow that to continue.