After an accident snarled traffic in both directions on highway I-635/LBJ Freeway in Dallas this afternoon, a group of drivers thought it would be a good idea to turn around and drive the wrong way into oncoming traffic on a crowded interstate to try to avoid the jam.

I know we all get frustrated by traffic. Sitting in your car and staring ahead at other people sitting in their cars is the worst. But that doesn't mean you can just decide to drive the wrong way down a crowded highway when you get fed up with it. According to CBS DFW, who also had their traffic helicopter on the scene:

The situation then went from bad to worse when dozens of drivers decided the best course of action was to turn around and try to drive in the wrong direction to try and get off the highway.

We've all seen folks get sick of waiting in a backup and drive down the shoulder. I know we've seen people take to the median as well. Sometimes, like in the case of a natural emergency, when authorities tell you to, it's ok.

But when police have to stop fixing the problem that's causing the traffic jam in the first place to tell motorists to turn their cars the right way and wait with everybody else, I wonder why those folks are behind the wheel at all.

Members of Dallas police actually walked out onto the roadway, tapped on windows, instructed drivers to turn around and guided the vehicles around them so as to clear up the very strange bottleneck.

And again, according to the CBS DFW story where this was originally reported, once everybody was facing the right way again "traffic began to unsnarl very quickly." Come on, Dallas. Get it together.