The Lufkin News reports a couple from Central have a close and tragic connection to the mass shootings inside a movie house in Aurora, Colorado last week.  Their grandson -- 26 year old Jonathan Blunk of Aurora -- was one of the 13 people who were killed.


Last Thursday night, Jonathan took his date to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. His date, Jansen Young, later told reporters that when a gunman started firing shots, Jonathan shielded her from the bullets, giving his life to save hers.

Jonathan's grandparents -- Thomas and Kay Blunk of Central -- say they're not surprised by that. “He was an upstanding, outstanding, compassionate, protective, loving hero.  He was willing to surrender his life in order to protect someone else’s.”

Jonathan Blunk's obituary says he was a certified firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician.  Before that he was a Navy veteran with three tours of duty in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea.  A friend says he was planning to re-enlist and apply for the Navy SEAL school.

His grandparents say they're tired of seeing his alleged killer's face all over the media.  They say they wish the media would focus more on the stories of the 12 victims and the dozens of people who were wounded.