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What Are the Most Educated Countries in the World?
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released its Education at a Glance 2012 report, and two of its conclusions jumped out at us: 1) countries that spend more on education tend to have more highly educated populations, and 2) the more educated you are, the more likely you…
Brussels Plans to Battle Offensive Language With Hefty Fines
Brussels, Belgium, has unleashed a sonic street sweeper into the city, hoping to curb the verbal cesspool coming from the mouths of its citizens and, in turn, make the city a more habitable community for its residents.
According to a spokesperson for Brussels mayor Freddy Thieleman, any form of insul…
Study: Pot Smoking Brings IQ Down
A landmark study conducted in the United States and Great Britain has confirmed something many people have suspected for decades. The study reported in the London Daily Telegraph shows that people who smoke marijuana on a regular basis over a long period are putting their intelligence - their IQ -- …
Taxes on Olympic Medals? Who Knew?
We didn't know it either, but it's true.  American athletes who win medals at the Olympics also get cash awards to go with the medal.  The IRS says the medals and the cash are taxable income.
English Hotel Throws Gideon Bibles Out
In just one more example of the way Christianity is getting kicked out of public and private life, USA Today reports a small hotel in England has taken the Gideon Bibles out of all its rooms, and you won't believe what has replaced them.

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