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Australian Scams Nigerian Scammers
It's an old saying that you can't scam a scammer.   A 23 year old woman in Australia will tell you that's not necessarily so, because she did it, to some Nigerians no less.
She also got in trouble because of the way she did it.
Shock: Stephen Hawking Likes Sex Clubs and Topless Bars
What you are about to read is true.
Of all the people on this planet, the world's most famous theoretical physicist is the last person you would expect to enjoy going to sex clubs and topless bars.
Then again, why not?  Dr. Stephen Hawking is, after all, famous for his understanding of &…
Maybe a Dingo Really Did Eat Her Baby
A coroner in Darwin, Australia says she will rule soon on the results of the fourth inquest into the most notorious and bitterly controversial legal drama in the nation's history:  the 1980 death of a 9-week-old baby whose parents say was taken by a dingo from her tent in the Australian…
Report: Hillary Wants to Run World Bank
The current head of the World Bank is expected to step down sometime this year, and you may or may not be surprised to know that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reportedly lobbying for the prestigious and powerful job.
But, whether she is or isn't pursuing the job depends upon whom yo…
Norway Mass Murderer Demands a Medal
The right-wing extremist who has admitted killing 77 people in the worst peacetime massacre that Norway has ever seen told a court Monday that he deserves a medal of honor for the bloodshed and demanded to be set free.

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