Space Program

Houston Pols Make Another Run at Getting Retired Space Shuttle
Houston's still miffed Congressional delegation is taking another shot at wresting the retired  Space Shuttle Enterprise away from New York City.  They say it belongs in Houston because New York City isn't keeping the sun, moon and stars promises it made to get the shuttle in the…
New Earth & Space Planetarium in Tyler
East Texans don't have to drive to Houston to see a planetarium show any more.  Tyler Junior College has completed a major expansion of its well known  Hudnall Planetarium, which has allowed East Texans to get a glimpse of outer space for more than 40 years.
Update: NASA Unveils New Rocket Design
It appears we spoke too soon. Just when we were thinking the US space program was dead in the water, and that NASA would never reveal its plans for the next generation rocket launch system that will replace the space shuttle,  NASA steps up and does just that.
Astronomers Discover Planet Made of Diamonds
In the most stunning piece of planetary news since Pluto’s sad demotion, astronomers have found a star-orbiting land mass that is so dense its carbon is crystalline — which means it’s basically a planet made out of diamonds.

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