sex scandals

Study Shows Sexting Normal for Young Adults
This is hard to believe.  A new study reported by a Detroit TV station seems to show that for today's young adults -- the "Internet Generation" -- “sexting,” sending sexually explicit photos or messages through their phones, may be a normal, h…
School Kids Learn Teacher is a Porn Star
No place but California.  A middle school teacher in a town north of Los Angeles has been placed on indefinite paid leave, after some of her students surfing the Internet on their i-Phones discovered what she does in her spare time.
Catholic Bishop Admits Fathering Two Children
It's correct to refer to bishops and priests as "Father", in the churchly sense. But  in the case of Bishop Gabino Zavala, he really was a father, in the parental sense.
"Father" Zavala has resigned his position as Auxiliary Bishop of the Los Angeles Arch…
Cheating has Consequences
A Pasadena man has learned one of life's lessons the hard way.  He learned what can happen when a man fools around on his wife while he's off working in another town.
Sexting Isn’t Harmless Fun. It Can Get You Fired
New York Congressman Anthony Weiner may be the most highly placed person who has been forced to resign for sending lewd messages and photos to women via his twitter account, but people up and down the economic food chain are also losing their jobs for doing the same thing.