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Woman Jailed For Failing To Delete Facebook Account
You know it’s a bad day when a judge decides you need to spend some time behind bars because you didn’t delete your Facebook account. Is having a Facebook page now a crime? It seems that if you irk the wrong judge in the state of Kentucky, it just might be.
Just How Important is the iPad?
Once you own an iPad, it turns out you end up loving it more than perhaps you love your own teeth. In fact, many iPad owners would rather endure root canal pain than part with their iPad. And you?
Experts Call for Better Way to Rate Hurricanes
The Houston Chronicle reports a lot of people in the weather forecasting business say it's time to discard the old "Category 1-5" system of rating the strength of hurricanes.
They say that system -- known as the Saffir-Simpson Scale -- only tells us the storm's wind speed.…

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