Gov’t Okays Texas Stretch of Keystone Pipeline
People in east Texas need to brace themselves and get ready, because the way has been cleared for a major stretch of the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada.  Barring a successful legal challenge, it's coming.
County Dems Looking for New Candidates
Steve Knight of the Lufkin News reports the Angelina County Democratic Party is looking for new candidates to replace their disqualified candidates for County Sheriff and County Constable Precinct 3.
Obama Will Stop Deporting Young Illegals
The Obama administration has announced plans to stop deporting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children as long as they have stayed out of trouble with the law.
B’Ship Texas Leaking — Is She Doomed?
The historic 100 year old Battleship Texas at San Jacinto State Park is fighting a new enemy, and she may not win this battle.  She's so rusty her hull is leaking. Worse, fixing this latest leak is like trying to save a dying man with a band-aid. It's sad to contemplate, but this most…
Learning the Law the Hard Way
Two Democratic candidates for office in Angelina County — the nominee for sheriff and an incumbent constable — both voted in the Republican primary last month, and that was a serious no-no.  It was against the law, and they've both been taken off the ballot in the November ge…
USA Leads World in Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions
It's true.  The United States is constantly vilified for being a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, for stone-walling international climate treaties like the Kyoto Protocol, and of being the source of most of the skepticism over climate change.  All three charges are true in varying degrees.
Trent Ashby Heading for Austin Early
Lufkin School Board President Trent Ashby won't "officially" become the State Representative from House District 57 until he takes the oath of office in January, when the next legislative session convenes.  But Ashby's not waiting until then to learn his new job.&nbs…
Fixed-Rate Power Contracts in Danger
Officials at several big electricity providers are wondering out loud if changes in wholesale power prices could allow them to break the fixed-rate contracts they have with consumers.

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