Federal Budget Cuts May Kill LISD Pre-K
The Lufkin News reports Lufkin School District officials are worrying out loud about the federal funding the district stands to lose when the Federal Budget Control Act goes into effect in January.
Perrys Show Off Restored Governor’s Mansion
Has it really been four years?  It was in 2008 that an arsonist set fire to the historic Texas Governors Mansion across the street from the State  Capitol in Austin, but that's history now.  The Austin American-Statesman reports the mansion is ready to be the Governor's home…
NAACP Requires Photo ID to Cover Holder
Here's a national news story that is just dripping with irony, but you won't find it in any mainstream news source.
You have to go to an alternative source outside the mainstream to learn that the NAACP and the Justice Department required local and national news reporters to show two kinds of photo I…
Rick Perry Says NO Medicaid Expansion in Texas
If there were any doubts that Governor Rick Perry wants Texas to have nothing to do with President Obama's Health Care overhaul, the Austin American-Statesman reports Perry has cleared the air on that once and for all.

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