Obama Opposes Boy Scouts’ Ban on Gays
President Barack Obama is on the horns of a classic dilemma.  Like every POTUS for the past 102 years, Obama is the honorary President of the Boy Scouts of America.
However, unlike the previous POTUSes, it is reported in the Lufkin News that Obama doesn't agree with the Scouts' stated …
Update: Giffords Approves Shooter Guilty Plea
The Houston Chronicle reports former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband have no problem with a plea bargain for the man who's accused of shooting her and many others at a public meeting in Tuscon last year.  Six people were killed and 14 others, including Giffords, we…
Federal Budget Cuts May Kill LISD Pre-K
The Lufkin News reports Lufkin School District officials are worrying out loud about the federal funding the district stands to lose when the Federal Budget Control Act goes into effect in January.
Perrys Show Off Restored Governor’s Mansion
Has it really been four years?  It was in 2008 that an arsonist set fire to the historic Texas Governors Mansion across the street from the State  Capitol in Austin, but that's history now.  The Austin American-Statesman reports the mansion is ready to be the Governor's home…

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