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Historic Prison Rodeo Arena Demolished
Another piece of Texas history is falling under the wrecking ball.  The historic arena where the Texas Prison Rodeo was held for more than 50 years is being demolished to make way for...for...who knows what.  Something to be decided later.
Texas Woman Climbs Mount Everest on One Good Leg
It would have to be someone from the Lone Star State.  A 61 year old Lubbock woman recently climbed Mount Everest and people around the world are talking about her, because she climbed the world's tallest mountain with just one good leg.
Spending Time Outside Could Actually Protect Kids’ Sight
A new review of previous research indicates that there could be a correlation between the amount of time children spend outside and nearsightedness.
Researchers analyzed the results of eight different studies, involving more than 10,000 participants, and found that children who are nearsighted spend …
Zavalla Man Wins “America’s Top Shot”
Dustin Ellermann of Zavalla took the $100,000 grand prize on The History Channel’s “Top Shot” Tuesday night, in an elimination challenge that left little doubt that he really is the best competitive shooter in the country.  Let's just say he hi…
Rattlesnakes Will Get You if You Don’t Watch Out
It's not just football season, and it's not just hunting season.  It's also "rattlesnake season."  State wildlife experts say the Fall, with its cool weather, is the favorite time of year for the venomous and deadly Texas rattlesnake, and that means you nee…
Piranha Caught in Houston Lake
Texas lakes and waterways -- that once were good places to fish and swim -- aren't as fun or safe as they used to be.  State officials say more and more dangerous exotic fish are turning up.  The latest is a real live meat-eating piranha, caught, in of all places, a recreational lake …
Forest Festival Kicks off Tonight
The 27th annual Texas State Forest Festival kicks off tonight at 5 at the George H. Henderson Exposition Center with rides, food and plenty of events for the entire family.

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