Grave Markers Misplaced at Houston National Cemetery
What is going on at the Department of Veterans Affairs - the VA?  Can't they do anything right?  The VA is admitting to what it calls "burial mix-ups" at VA cemeteries in six states, including Texas.
Unfortunately, the Houston VA Cemetery is not the only place where t…
Returning Soldier Surprises Family at KFC [VIDEO]
We’ve all seen the heartwarming videos of soldiers stationed overseas surprising their children stateside with early returns home.
And that’s how this video of Capt. Cherissa Jackson, who had been deployed in Afghanistan, begins, with mom surprising her …
Houston VA Wants Combat Veterans for PTSD Study
Doctors at the Houston VA Medical Center and Baylor College of Medicine are studying a new medical technique for treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and they need veterans who've served in combat for their study.
Doomsday Clock Ticks Closer to Midnight
Those who keep track of these things say the world is closer to apocalypse than most people know.
The Doomsday Clock, a figurative timepiece used as a barometer of humankind’s fate, was moved one minute closer to midnight on Tuesday, the first time it has been nudged forward since 2…
Property Tax Exemption Extended to Veterans’ Surviving Spouses
Texas continues to do its part to help military veterans and their families. A full homestead property tax exemption that began in 2009 for totally disabled veterans will extend to their surviving spouses after January 1.
This means spouses of disabled veterans who have died won't have to giv…
F-16 Pilot Ready to Give Her Life on 9-11
Of all the big and small stories to come out of the horrific events of September 11, 2001, few are more heart-rending than that of a young Air National Guard  pilot who was ready and willing to crash her unarmed F-16 jet fighter into one of the hijacked passenger airliners to keep more people f…

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