Rattlesnakes Will Get You if You Don’t Watch Out
It's not just football season, and it's not just hunting season.  It's also "rattlesnake season."  State wildlife experts say the Fall, with its cool weather, is the favorite time of year for the venomous and deadly Texas rattlesnake, and that means you nee…
Famous Story of Woman with Many Personalities Was a Fraud
A woman whose story of multiple personality disorder was told in a best selling book and two movies was faking all of her different "personas".
A new book says Shirley Mason, who was revealed to be the basis for the woman known to the world as Sybil, admitted that she was lying.
Studies: Vitamin Supplements May Shorten Your Life
People who take over-the-counter dietary and vitamin supplements think they will be healthier and live longer.  Then again, maybe not. Supplements may not do either of those things.  In fact, recent studies indicate, as an old song goes, "it ain't necessarily so."
NPR: Baby Boomers’ ‘Delusions’ About Health In Retirement
Most baby boomers say they're looking forward to a healthy and active retirement, according to a new poll conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health.
But some experts worry that when it comes to the realities of their health, boomers are still w…
Seniors’ Psychiatric Hospital Opening in Lufkin
Lufkin's medical industry is so large it could be the area's biggest employer.  Thousands of people work in Lufkin's hospitals, public and private clinics, doctor's offices, assisted living centers, nursing homes, home healthcare providers, pharmacies and retail medical supply outlets.
Lufkin also ha…

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