Arizona Man Bitter at Giffords and Kelly
An Arizona man whose wife was killed in last year’s mass shooting in Tucson says the sight of fellow victim Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, makes him sick.
Doctors Say They’re Going Broke
Contrary to the widespread belief that all doctors are wealthy and live in gated country club enclaves, many American doctors are so hard pressed financially they're going broke and thinking of quitting the medical profession.  It's true.
Texas AIDS Deaths Decline, But More Youths HIV Positive
It's a brutal fact that with an incurable sexually transmitted disease like AIDS, there's a never ending supply of young people who need to be educated about HIV and AIDS, and how to protect themselves from it. Tragically, many don't learn until their doctor tells them they have it.
True Story: Legless Man Denied Power Wheelchair
There are bureaucrats, there are dumb bureaucrats, and then there are the health ministry bureaucrats in Sweden who've taken mindless bureaucratic stupidity to new heights.
They denied a request for a powered wheelchair from a man who had both legs amputated because of diabetes complications. Yo…
Rev. Billy Graham in Hospital Again
CNN is reporting that evangelist Billy Graham is in "good spirits" and resting comfortably today in a hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, where he's getting testing and treatment for possible pneumonia.

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