Major Airport Will Evict TSA Screeners
Orlando Sanford International Airport officials say they will take advantage of a new law, and try again to opt out of using TSA workers to screen passengers.  They want to hire their own screeners to do that, but using federal standards and under federal oversight.
Keystone XL Pipeline Hits Legal Snag in Texas
A Lamar County farm family has stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline project dead in its tracks. The farmer has been granted a temporary restraining order that will stop the pipeline at her farm's property line while lawyers on both sides argue the issues the family has raised...
Maybe a Dingo Really Did Eat Her Baby
A coroner in Darwin, Australia says she will rule soon on the results of the fourth inquest into the most notorious and bitterly controversial legal drama in the nation's history:  the 1980 death of a 9-week-old baby whose parents say was taken by a dingo from her tent in the Australian…
Church Workers Not Eligible for Student Loan Forgiveness
Did you know that if you got through college and/or seminary on federally guaranteed student loans, and went into any kind of ministry or church work after graduation, you have been cut out of the Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Program?
We didn't either, but it's true, and church l…

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