Obama Will Stop Deporting Young Illegals
The Obama administration has announced plans to stop deporting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children as long as they have stayed out of trouble with the law.
Couple Sues Media Over Mass Grave Reports
A Liberty County couple has filed a massive libel lawsuit against the Liberty County Sheriff's Department and a bunch news media outlets, over a "psychic's" claim that bodies were buried in mass graves on their property.  No mass graves were ever found.
Learning the Law the Hard Way
Two Democratic candidates for office in Angelina County — the nominee for sheriff and an incumbent constable — both voted in the Republican primary last month, and that was a serious no-no.  It was against the law, and they've both been taken off the ballot in the November ge…
Honor Student Cleared of Truancy Charge
A judge in Montgomery County has come to his senses, and has dropped the contempt citation he slapped on a high school honors student he put in jail for truancy.  The 17 year old student is also refusing to accept financial donations that are pouring in from around the world.
Big Brother Really is Watching us Online
There was a time when most sane people would say a story like this is just pure paranoia.  But not any more.  Big Brother's minions really are scanning the Internet 24/7 -- watching everything you and I write in our emails and social media websites, including Facebook.
We know this bec…
Early Voting for Primaries Ends Friday May 25th
After months of uncertainty, the Texas party primaries will finally be held next Tuesday May 29th, which means the time is running down for early voting, which ends this Friday.  The Texas Secretary of State -- the state's top elections official -- is going around the state spreading the w…

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