Retailers Accused of Diluting Gasoline
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is accusing Petroleum Wholesale LP, Sun Development LP and related defendants of defrauding their customers by diluting medium and premium-grade gasoline with regular unleaded fuel.
Law School Grads Sue Over Lack of Jobs
What do brand new lawyers do when they can't get that six figure job they say they were promised?  They sue the law school, of course.
Graduates of New York Law School have filed a class-action lawsuit against their alma mater, claiming they were duped into enrolling with false promises o…
Texas Cracks Down on Unsafe Boaters
Starting this year, Texas boat operators — and teenagers taking driver’s education courses — will be introduced to new state laws covering safe boating practices, boat handling and emergency procedures, all in an effort to make recreational boating safer.
America’s New Mystery – Where’s Casey?
Casey Anthony has somehow managed to disappear into the Florida countryside, after her release from jail just after midnight Sunday morning.  Nobody but her lawyers knows where she is, and they're not telling.  One of her lawyers says they're looking into a number of options for …

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