Alto Cattle Thief Goes to Prison
A Cherokee County man has been sentenced to 32 years in prison for stealing cattle from a friend who was paying him to "cow sit" his herd while he was out of the country.
Patrick Buchanan: The End is Near
Conservative political and social pundit and former presidential candidate Patrick  Buchanan has a grim view of America's future.  Buchanan believes America is dying, and worse, it's dying by its own hand -- committing suicide.
That's the title of Buchanan's latest book:…
Piranha Caught in Houston Lake
Texas lakes and waterways -- that once were good places to fish and swim -- aren't as fun or safe as they used to be.  State officials say more and more dangerous exotic fish are turning up.  The latest is a real live meat-eating piranha, caught, in of all places, a recreational lake …

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