Convicted Drunk Driver Sues His Dead Victims
The never-ending parade of ridiculous lawsuits filed by prison inmates has a new leader.
A Florida man who pleaded guilty to three counts of DUI manslaughter in 2007 after police found drugs in his system has filed a lawsuit against the three people he killed on Christmas day of 2007.  He clai…
Blair Witch Actress Finds New – Illegal Career
Remember Heather Donahue?  None of the millions of people who saw her in The Blair Witch Project movie will ever forget her. Donahue has left show business for a new - and in some places - illegal career.  She grows marijuana for a living, legally, and she's doing very well.
Woman Sues Car-Maker in Small Claims Court
Got a gripe with the company that made your car? Are you mad enough to sue them? Forget those big class action lawsuits that only line the lawyers' pockets. A California woman is showing us a better way.  She's taken Honda to small claims court.
Texas Primaries Delayed Till April
After a day of informal but intense negotiations, the Texas Republican and Democratic parties have reached a tentative agreement to move the state’s party primary elections from March 6 to April 3.

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