Battle Over ‘Fighting Sioux’ Name Goes On
In the face of a controversy that has embroiled the entire state, the University of North Dakota will continue to use its contentious nickname, the "Fighting Sioux."
Even so, many school fans are growing weary of the seven-year fight over a name many people think is demeaning to Na…
PETA Lawsuit Claims Performing Orcas are Slaves
Are the captive killer whales at SeaWorld and other sea parks "slaves" that are being held in involuntary servitude?  Do orcas and other animals have the same rights as humans?
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says "yes" to both questions, and they&…
Georgia Assisted Suicide Law Overturned
Georgia's highest court has thrown out a state law that was aimed at stopping  assisted suicides, ruling that the law violated the free speech rights of four members of an assisted suicide group .
Man Learns Jury Duty Lesson the Hard Way
An Indiana man called in for jury duty in a fatal drunken driving crash case has learned what can happen to people who ignore the judge's instructions to NOT leave the courthouse.
The judge ordered him to stand in front of the courthouse for two days holding a sign that reads  “I fail…
White House Sides With TSA in Rand Paul Standoff
The White House is standing by the Transportation Security Administration in its standoff with Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, and his father, Republican Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron of Texas.
Supreme Court Rejects Voting Maps Drawn by Judges
The U.S. Supreme Court has made a major ruling in the Texas political dispute over redistricting. The high court has rejected the voting district  maps drawn by a federal panel, which favored minority candidates and Democrats in this year's congressional and state legislature elections.

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