Law Enforcement

Con Men Move in on Moving Business
Is there no end to the ways crooks can find to steal from you?  The newest "con" making the rounds is in the moving business. The Texas Department of Public Safety recently broke up a ring of "fake movers" who were posing as household furniture movers to scam…
FBI Warns Public of New Internet Scams
The FBI Internet Complaint Center has issued a national warning about new trends in cyber crime, and new twists in some old cyber scams.
The long and short of it is that cyber crooks are always looking for new ways to pick your pocket over the Internet, and they very often update their old scams and …
Major Airport Will Evict TSA Screeners
Orlando Sanford International Airport officials say they will take advantage of a new law, and try again to opt out of using TSA workers to screen passengers.  They want to hire their own screeners to do that, but using federal standards and under federal oversight.
Australian Scams Nigerian Scammers
It's an old saying that you can't scam a scammer.   A 23 year old woman in Australia will tell you that's not necessarily so, because she did it, to some Nigerians no less.
She also got in trouble because of the way she did it.

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