Law Enforcement

Update: Giffords Approves Shooter Guilty Plea
The Houston Chronicle reports former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband have no problem with a plea bargain for the man who's accused of shooting her and many others at a public meeting in Tuscon last year.  Six people were killed and 14 others, including Giffords, we…
Humongous Gang Drug Bust in Henderson
How humongous was it?  The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports more than 150 law officers from half a dozen local, state and federal agencies using armored vehicles and helicopters raided a house in Henderson and arrested 11 members of the infamous Crips drug gangs.
TxDOT Has Highway Work Zone Safety Tips
In the aftermath of that fatal five-vehicle crash on State Hwy 7 outside Crockett back on July 16, the Texas Department of Transportation is pointing to that accident as proof of the need to be extra cautious and aware in highway construction zones.
13 People Killed in Overloaded Pickup Truck
State and local law officers in south Texas are reeling in shock and amazement over a horrible pickup truck accident in Goliad County. They all say it was the worst highway accident they've ever seen.
Update: Mom Says Dez Assaulted Her
Here's an update on Dez Bryant's latest problem. We know he was arrested Saturday on a charge of Family Violence.  Now the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports it is his mother, Angela Bryant, that he is charged with assaulting.
Bexar County Ranks #1 in Road Rage Accidents
We all know that San Antonio ranks first in several desirable categories related to tourism, but you may not know that it also ranks first in a dubious and undesirable category. The San Antonio Express-News reports that statistically -- Bexar County ranks first in "road rage accidents.&…

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