Law Enforcement

Teneha “Police Trap” is History
At long last, it appears that law and order is breaking out in the small town of Teneha in Shelby County.  A number of lawsuits against Teneha and Shelby County officials have been certified as "Class Action."
This means any person who has been victimized by Teneha police can b…
Stem Cell Harvesting Case Could Send Woman to Prison
Some people will do anything if it makes money for them, whether it's legal or ethical or not.  An Arizona businesswoman is facing federal charges in a case that involved buying discarded human umbilical cords and selling the embryonic stem cells harvested from the cord blood.
Should Schools Treat Misbehaving Kids Like Criminals?
Texas has a reputation for being tough on criminals.  It's known around the world for having the busiest "Death Row" in the United States.  Now, for better or worse, Texas is also known for treating young school children like criminals.
Retailers Accused of Diluting Gasoline
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is accusing Petroleum Wholesale LP, Sun Development LP and related defendants of defrauding their customers by diluting medium and premium-grade gasoline with regular unleaded fuel.
Repairman Steals Diamond Ring, Then Swallows It to Hide It
A Chicago home repairman is facing felony theft charges and up to three years in prison for stealing and swallowing a homeowner's diamond ring while on the job.  30 year old Wilfredo Gonzalez-Cruz allegedly swallowed the ring to hide it from the owners of the house where he was working l…

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