Law Enforcement

Drug Cartels Bring Violence to Houston
Four suspects are in custody charged with capital murder in connection with a fatal shooting in Harris County that left one person dead and an undercover Harris County Sheriff's deputy wounded.
Federal drug enforcement agents fear this may be a sign that the murderous drug cartels are moving…
Report: TSA is Bloated, Ineffective and Outdated
The Transportation Security Administration has major problems and it needs to be overhauled and downsized, according to a congressional report released Wednesday, on the 10th anniversary of the day Congress created the agency.
“Joe Pa” Lawyers Up
NBC News is reporting that former football coach Joe Paterno has reached out to a prominent Washington criminal defense lawyer to represent him in the Penn State sex abuse case.
Privacy is Dead — Big Brother is Here
Earlier this week we learned it's possible for someone to read your text messages off your i-Phone screen from as far as 200 feet away.
Today we learn that everything you write on Facebook could show up in Google Search results.
And we learned that the CIA is now monitoring Tweets and Facebook.&n…
Safeway Drops Shoplifting Charges Against Young Mom-to-be
Just when you think you've heard everything, there comes this story of a young pregnant woman who was arrested for munching on a sandwich she picked up in a Safeway store in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Her problem was that she ate the sandwich before she paid for it, and she was arrested.  To make things worse…

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