Law Enforcement

Update: Beautician Who Enlarged Breasts Arrested
Tyler police have arrested a beautician who is charged with practicing medicine without a license, and you won't believe what she's accused of doing.
Tyler police say Carmel Foster included "breast enlargement" on her list of services at her beauty salon. Unfortunately, on…
Squatters Move Into Iraq War Vet’s Home
The nerve of some people.  A U.S  Army Sergeant recently returned to his Liberty County home after his third tour duty in Iraq, only to find total strangers had moved into his house, and were selling his family's possessions in a yard sale.
Serial Killer Targets Pit Bulldogs in Houston
Someone in Houston is going around killing dogs, mostly pit bulldogs.
Seven dogs were found dead, including six pit bulls, over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. Three dogs had been shot, and the other four had been beaten to death.
Man Learns Jury Duty Lesson the Hard Way
An Indiana man called in for jury duty in a fatal drunken driving crash case has learned what can happen to people who ignore the judge's instructions to NOT leave the courthouse.
The judge ordered him to stand in front of the courthouse for two days holding a sign that reads  “I fail…
Convicted Drunk Driver Sues His Dead Victims
The never-ending parade of ridiculous lawsuits filed by prison inmates has a new leader.
A Florida man who pleaded guilty to three counts of DUI manslaughter in 2007 after police found drugs in his system has filed a lawsuit against the three people he killed on Christmas day of 2007.  He clai…

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