Who Knew? Nixon Had a Sensitive Romantic Side
Richard Nixon's love letters to Patricia Ryan -- who he later married -- showed he was a hopelessly romantic young man. Written in 1938, the letters reveal Nixon -- a man known for hardball, down and dirty politics -- had an idealistic and even poetic side.
The letters show that long before Nixon bec…
Happy Texas Independence Day – Ya’ll
Today, March 2nd, is Texas Independence Day. The 176th anniversary of the day in 1836, when a group of Anglo colonists gathered at a place they named Washington on the Brazos and agreed it was time for the area called "Tejas" to declare its independence from Mexico.
Today's Lufkin Daily New…
The Myth of the 8 Hours of Sleep
Tell the truth now. Does anybody really get eight hours of sleep?  Eight full hours of deep uninterrupted sleep?  Truth be told, not many people have that luxury, and experts say it's largely a myth that we even need that much sleep.
End of an Era – Temple-Inland is Sold to IP
It's official. International Paper has bought out Temple-Inland, and that's not all.  IP is already planning to sell off all Temple-Inland facilities. This has everybody in this corner of Texas wondering what's going to happen now.
Will new owners shut everything down and turn Dib…
Magazine Calls Occupiers to Recreate 1968 Chicago
Adbusters, the radical, the Vancouver-based anti-consumerist magazine credited by many media outlets for launching the Occupy Wall Street protests, is calling for 50,000 protestors to “Occupy” the G8 summit in Chicago in May.
Brit Soldier Charged With Stealing Saddam’s Butt
Soldiers have always brought "booty" home from their wars, but this is ridiculous.  For thousands of years generals unable to pay with cash or gold recruited soldiers with the promise of all the booty they could bring back.
So why is anybody upset with this former English soldier who took t…
Historic Prison Rodeo Arena Demolished
Another piece of Texas history is falling under the wrecking ball.  The historic arena where the Texas Prison Rodeo was held for more than 50 years is being demolished to make way for...for...who knows what.  Something to be decided later.

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