This Day in History for November 8 — JFK Elected, and More
Here’s a look at some interesting events that took place on this day in history:
1793: After more than two centuries as a royal palace, the Louvre is opened as a public museum in Paris by the French revolutionary government (more info)
1895: While experimenting with electricity, German…
5 Things Your Future Grandkids Won’t Believe Were Real
There are some things from the recent past that are so ridiculous that we almost don't believe they really existed. In 25 years, though, they'll seem even more unbelievable. Here's our list of 5 things we'd like to put in a time capsule, so we have proof that they were, in fact, …
Experts Call for Better Way to Rate Hurricanes
The Houston Chronicle reports a lot of people in the weather forecasting business say it's time to discard the old "Category 1-5" system of rating the strength of hurricanes.
They say that system -- known as the Saffir-Simpson Scale -- only tells us the storm's wind speed.…
Scientists Explore Civil War Wreck off Galveston
The Houston Chronicle reports the Union Navy's USS Hatteras was sent to the bottom on January 11, 1863, about 20 miles from Galveston. The Hatteras went down while the rest of the Union fleet bombarded the Confederate Garrison on Galveston Island.
Tall Ship Elissa in Dry Dock for Repairs
The "Official Tall Ship of Texas", the Elissa, has been pulled into a shipyard dry dock in Texas City to get a much needed overhaul - stem to stern, as they say.  Let's just say that at the ripe old age of 135, Elissa's mileage is showing.

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