10 Pink Products That Can Actually Help Fight Breast Cancer
When it comes to the fight against breast cancer, not all pinks are equal. As we become more aware of the “pinkwashing” of America, we know that buying something in a shade of pink isn't necessarily doing anything to help the fight against breast cancer -- and some products can ac…
Why the Red Tide Off the Coast Texas?
Red water seems like it might come from a horror movie, but in this case it's coming from the water itself.  It's just a faint reddish-brown actually, and if you travel to Corpus Christi this weekend, you might see it.
Can You Run With a Broken Toe? Runners Are a Stubborn Bunch.
Maybe running just isn't your thing and you think all runners are crazy. Perhaps.
I read that runners spend about a third of their time complaining about or running through pain, but they keep going.  There's a big 5K, 10K, and half marathon coming up in Lufkin this fall, and I&ap…

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