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Chinese Restaurant in Kentucky Shut Down for Serving Roadkill
Talk about mystery meat.
The Red Flower Chinese Restaurant in Williamsburg, Kentucky, was shut down last week after health officials found they were serving their customers roadkill. This highly questionable culinary practice was revealed when customers caught restaurant employees bringing a dead dee…
Blind UH Student Wins MasterChef Reality Show
Who hasn't heard someone say they can do something better than you blind-folded?  Well, a University of Houston graduate student has done just that, in a manner of speaking, but she didn't need to be blind-folded.
Coca-Cola Announces Flavor Drops as New Beverage
Coca-Cola plans to take a squirt on its competition, as the company recently announced a new product that will require only a few drops to get a thirsty population on the fast track to flavor town.
In the next couple of weeks, consumers can expect to see something called Dasani Drops, which is essent…

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