Census Shows More Dads Stay-at-Home
It wasn't very long ago that a man who chose to stay home with the kids while his wife worked was considered an oddball. We've all heard the Mr. Mom jokes, but these days a growing number of American dads are wearing that nickname as a badge of honor.
Small Towns Offering to Pay Student Loans
From rural Kansas to upstate New York -- communities worried about their aging and shrinking populations are trying anything they can to attract young professionals and get them to move there.  Some are even offering to pay off all or part of their student loans.
B’Ship Texas Leaking — Is She Doomed?
The historic 100 year old Battleship Texas at San Jacinto State Park is fighting a new enemy, and she may not win this battle.  She's so rusty her hull is leaking. Worse, fixing this latest leak is like trying to save a dying man with a band-aid. It's sad to contemplate, but this most…
Colleges Finally Teaching Financial Literacy
It's about time.  Colleges and universities are waking up to the fact that student loans have become a national crisis.  So many students and graduates are buried under student loans they can't repay, classroom and online courses in financial literacy are now part of the curricul…
Shepherd Woman Admits Embezzling from Bank
A longtime employee of the Bank of San Jacinto County in Coldspring has pleaded guilty to embezzling thousands of dollars from the bank over a period of years.  She could be sent to prison for a long time.
Update: Lon Morris College Closes, Hoping to Reopen
Push has finally come to shove at Lon Morris College in Jacksonville. Facing the worst financial crisis in its 158 year history, and acting on the advice of outside consultants, the Lon Morris Board of Trustees has furloughed the school's faculty and staff and shut the school down.
The small pri…
Lon Morris College in Deep Financial Trouble
Lon Morris College in Jacksonville is in serious trouble. It may be forced to close if it can't solve its financial problems.  That's why the private two-year college is looking to hire a firm that specializes in reorganization to help it keep the doors open.

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