Secret Santa Picks Up Family’s Walmart Bill
On the Friday before Christmas, Ruby Modlin was grocery shopping at Walmart with her family.
The Altoona, Iowa woman noticed that a man was following her around the store. Being a glass-half-filled type of gal Modlin figured it must be somebody who recognized her -- maybe from high school.
Today is Gift Card Exchange Day
Gift cards are more popular than ever it seems. They were an easy gift this year for many of us, and quite a few of us received them too.
The research firm CEB TowerGroups says around $110 billion worth of gift cards were sold this year in the United States, up ten percent over 2011.
But if you receiv…
Budget Cuts May Force State Parks to Close
Here we go again. The legislative session is coming in January, and we're hearing the usual predictions of budgetary doom and gloom.  This year we are hearing that if the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department doesn't get the money it needs, nearly two dozen state parks may have to close…
Study: Half of Americans Will Die Nearly Broke
This should get your attention if retirement is in your near future. MarketWatch reports a recent survey shows that almost half of all U.S. retirees die with savings of $10,000 or less -- almost no money in the bank.
Philadelphia Woman Could Be Fined For Giving Out Free Lunches
Talk about a good deed being punished. This summer, Angela Prattis has been handing out daily free lunches to about 60 kids in her Chester, PA neighborhood. These meals are the same ones they would be getting if their school was in session. Now she faces a fine of $600 a day for doing so becaus…
Stores Bracing for Tax Free Weekend
The Lufkin News reports retail stores across the state are gearing up for the annual tax-free weekend this Friday through Sunday. With the first day of school getting close, parents can save money on everything from school supplies to clothing.

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