Update: Keystone XL Pipeline Gets Key Permits
The Houston Chronicle reports that TransCanada has received the last of three key permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to start building the 485-mile Gulf Coast section of its controversial Keystone XL pipeline. The company says this means the $2.3 billion oil pipeline can start construct…
Gov’t Okays Texas Stretch of Keystone Pipeline
People in east Texas need to brace themselves and get ready, because the way has been cleared for a major stretch of the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada.  Barring a successful legal challenge, it's coming.
You Get a Line and I’ll Get a Pole…..
And we'll go fishin' in a new fishin' hole.  Now it's not as if we don't already have plenty of places to fish in these parts, but you may be interested to know that a brand new lake is almost ready to be opened for fishing.  It's Lake Naconiche in northeastern Nacogdoches County, and Texas Parks an…
USA Leads World in Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions
It's true.  The United States is constantly vilified for being a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, for stone-walling international climate treaties like the Kyoto Protocol, and of being the source of most of the skepticism over climate change.  All three charges are true in varying degrees.
Forest Service Urges Us To Report Arson Wildfires
Heading into the long Memorial Day weekend -- the unofficial start of another hot and dry summer — the Texas Forest Service is begging us to be careful with cookouts, campfires and any outdoor burning.
TFS also wants people to be especially watchful for arsonists deliberately starting fires and…
Indian State Declares Open Season on Poachers
A state in western India is so disgusted with tiger poachers that it has declared open season on them.  The government of the state of Maharashtra is allowing state forest guards to shoot illegal hunters on sight -- in an effort to put a stop to the rampant killing of protected wildlife, especially …
Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Earthquakes?
Two relatively minor low magnitude earthquakes have struck the area between Nacogdoches and Center in the past two weeks.  Nobody was hurt, and no major property damage has been reported, but a number of businesses and homes have minor to serious structural or interior damage.
Now people in that area…
Forest Service Surveys Drought Destruction
The Texas Forest Service has estimated that last year's drought killed hundreds of millions of trees, but those are only educated guesses.  Now the agency is launching a more scientific survey that will provide a much more accurate picture of the destruction the drought left behind.

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