Parents Outraged Over Rhyming ‘Diet’ Book For Teenagers
Messages of good health and positive self-esteem for girls are common themes in books for kids. So why are so many people upset over a rhyming picture book about an obese, unhappy 14-year-old named Maggie?
Well, for starters, they don't like the title:  "Maggie Goes on a Diet.&…
Texas History is Crumbling to Dust
It's tragic and true.  All over Texas, original 19th century documents and records that shed light on Texas history are facing an uncertain future because of poor preservation practices and limited resources.  That's the finding of a task force charged with reviewing the situation by the Supreme C…
Aggies Leaving Big 12 For SEC
After months of rumors, reports, denials and retractions, it does appear that the Texas A&M Aggies are taking steps to leave the Big 12 and move to the Southeastern Conference.
5 Great Educational Apps for Kids
Ever given a five-year-old with an iPad a dirty look? Silently tsk tsk-ed in your head? Hold onto your judgment for a minute – they're not all playing Angry Birds. In fact, there are tons of apps out there that are all about learning. Here, we
Did You Know it’s National Dog Day?
Neither did we.  National Dog Day was created by the Animal Miracle Network, and it's celebrated every year on August 26th to acknowledge family dogs, and dogs that work selflessly every day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort.
It also works to focus public attention on the num…

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